Our main goal is for you to become a Law Motors customer for life. We proud ourselves on delivering a hassle-free purchasing, servicing, and ownership experience. Our Owner Rich, founded Law Motors on giving customers a better experience than what was delivered at big dealerships. Our approach in business is keep it small and super-efficient. You deserve the best experience and if you choose to do business with Law Motors we will deliver. 

1) Sioux Falls family owned and operated business located at their original location since 1997.

2) Only 10 staff member team delivers you a more personable experience on every visit. One dedicated salesman delivers you service from the meet-and-greet to the final paperwork. One dedicated mechanic delivers you service from the meet-and-greet to the ticket-closeout.  

3) Wide variety of hand-selected premium quality inventory in all price ranges. Each vehicle is serviced and detailed before it's available for sale. Our vehicles go thru the same service procedure as manufacturer certified vehicles process at big dealers. We then prim-and-proper each vehicle to a higher quality than our competing dealers. We select vehicles that offer the most bang-for-the-buck value you can find! 

4) Upfront market driven pricing delivers you best value price in real-time. We review our prices daily accordingly to market demand and supply. We evaluate the 2,000-mile area nationwide marketplace and our local 50-mile area marketplace. We adjust our prices routinely to stay ahead of market. 

5) Over 35 years of automotive financing experience, we have partnered with the most aggressive lenders in the nation. We work hard with these select lenders to deliver you better quality financing than other dealers. Narrowing our list to only six lenders, allows you peace of mind that your credit won't be "shot-gunned" to 20+ banks. Plus our loyalty to our banks allows us special privileges with the amount of paper we send them.

6) Simple 1-2 hour purchasing process. Most transactions we do take 1-2 hours from meet-and-greet to completion. No rigmarole between multiple departments and multiple people. We have perfected our process for highest efficiency. Compared to the average dealership experience may take upwards to 4 hours+. 

7) Online shopping is super easy. You can reserve the vehicle right online. We will than place the vehicle in a hold-status so we can contact you to review the vehicle and final price. Early in this process, we will call you and complete a walk-around. We deliver a sight-unseen policy that states if it wasn't what was described you don't have to buy. Hearing, Touching, and Smelling a vehicle are things you can't do online. We will help establish these so you know what to expect. Nationwide shipping available. We use multiple highly-rated automotive transport companies to deliver our vehicles nationwide. On average the cost of transport is less than $1/mile and delivery time is within 14-business days. 

8) We offer valuable vehicle protection packages that will prolong your investment. This includes mechanical protection and financial protection. We have been in partner with these companies for over 10 years. We have seen terrific results time and time again! 

9) Service after the sale. To deliver an excellent customer experience we have invested into the technology and experience to service your vehicle. We have our own on-premise service department can fix nearly everything. The only things we don't do is transmission rebuilds and exhaust work. At only $70.00 per hour labor rate, we are amongst the most affordable shop rates in the country. We will advise you of what is needed and provide you with a thorough report. 

10) On premise free vehicle appraisals. In 30-minutes and less we can give you a full evaluation on your vehicle and give you a guaranteed price we will pay you for your vehicle.